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The following images are made with composite image editing allowing for significantly larger sizing than would be allowed with 1 photo. For that reason the following images appear best on canvas at large sizing. If you are interested please contact me below for current image prices and sizing info.


Looping West

NS 916 (EMD RP-E4D) along with NS 716 and NS 3088 utilize the balloon track here at the far end of the NS Rossville Intermodal Facility to move a cut of cars from the holding tracks onto the loading tracks. Once loaded these cars will be added to NS 23N and will be taken to Memphis and points further west. Rossville, Tennessee on the NS Memphis District. 21 May 2019. This image was made with composite image editing of 23 photos. Low-Res Display

America's Distribution Center

The signs along the interstates into Memphis proclaim it "America's Distribution Center." At the heart of the thousands of distribution centers located here in Memphis, Tennessee, lies BNSF's Tennessee Yard. Here all freight from the southeast is classified for its trip west on the BNSF system. In the bottom right, yard power can be seen heading to the end of a train that just arrived to begin the classification process. To the top left, containers from the areas distribution warehouses are loaded onto intermodal trains to western destinations. Memphis, Tennessee. 24 May 2019. This image was made with composite image editing of 31 photos. Low-Res Display

Racing East

A westbound UP freight (UP 3913/EMD SD70ACe) on UP's Memphis Sub has made it only a few miles out of Memphis, Tennessee before receiving orders to hold short of the BNSF tracks to allow a high-priority Los Angeles-Memphis Intermodal (BNSF QLACMEM6/Road number unknown) on the BNSF Thayer South Sub to race across the diamond and into Memphis. Once it clears, the UP freight will begin its long haul west into the night. 2 February 2019. West Memphis, Arkansas. Made with composite image editing of 20 images. Low-Res Display

The Flooded Mississippi

Flooding from the Mississippi River has left fields in Arkansas covered in several feet of water. Here, BNSF 5209 leads a southbound manifest across the diamonds on the BNSF Thayer South Sub, while NS 7586 sits waiting for clearance west on the UP Memphis Sub. Made with composite image editing of 19 images. Low-Res Display.

Memphis Arrival

Its a beautiful fall day in the Bluff City as BNSF 6546 stops short of the CN diamond. To the right on the UP tracks a maintenance crew works. In the background a convoy of 18-wheelers merge on to I-55 west, while two barges churn up river. 9 Images Low-Res Display.

Memphis Day

t's a beautiful day in Memphis as BNSF 4257 leads a westbound manifest across the Frisco Bridge with the Memphis Skyline in the background. From here one can see the M Bridge, the Bass Pro Pyramid, and several other iconic Memphis landmarks. 9 Images. Low-Res Display

Rolling Thunder

It's a humid Florida afternoon on 30A as the tranquility of the beaches is temporarily interrupted by a burst of thunder. Made with composite image editing of 30 images. Low-Res Display.

Deer Lake State Park

It's a beautiful sunset on 30A in Florida as the waves lap at Deer Lake State Park. Here at Deer Lake the natural sand dunes of the Florida seashore have been preserved. A long pier provides public access to the beach and also serves as a viewing area to the public for whatever wildlife happens to be roaming the park.